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Bandung has become one of the favorite tourist destinations of the entire population of Indonesia. Particularly residents of Jakarta.

The question now is why Bandung become so favorite? Since, the city of Bandung offers a lot of places of tourist interest.

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Here is a list of existing attractions in Bandung:
1. Culinary Tours.
2. Shopping Tours.
3. Adventure Tours.
4. Nature Tours.
5. Medical Tours.
6. History Tours.
7. Sports Tours.
8. Family Tours.
9. City Tours.
10. Educational tours.
11. Etc.

In this article, the author discusses only medical tourism. One of the medical tours visited by tens of thousands of person is the hot springs.

Soak in the hot spring can cure various skin diseases such as tinea versicolor, ringworm, and scabies. Besides, soaking in the hot springs can cure rheumatism and gout.

Each hot spring has admission tickets vary. Some are expensive and some are inexpensive. Of course, we all want to go to a hot spring that is cheap but good. Ha … 7x So, the authors give information about good hot spring, but cheap in Bandung. But, you are only visiting and did not stay there.

Top 3 cheap hot springs in Bandung:
1. Maribaya.
Raksa Dinata, a poor farmer had a beautiful girl named Maribaya. Many youths who fight because they want to marry Maribaya, so Raksa Dinata meditated in Tangkuban Perahu to prevent it.

When meditating, Raksa Dinata was visited by an old man who gave him two bokor (place to bring water made of metal), which should be poured into the West and to the East.

Raksa Dinata poured water from Bokor, and the place is now named as Situ Lembang. Situ means Lake. Seeing that, Raksa Dinata asked Maribaya to pour water from Bokor to a place not far from their home.

A few days later, comes a hot spring containing sulfur, in a place where Maribaya pouring water from the bokor. The hot spring, it can cure various diseases, so residents abuzz come there to soak. The residents like throwing a coin into the pool after they recovered from an illness.

In 1835, Raksa Dinata makes the place as a tourist area so that he became wealthy because of the crowds of visitors who come there.

Currently, Maribaya not only provides hot spring, but also nature attractions to the Curug Omas. Curug means waterfall.


2. Ciwalini Hot Spring.
Ciwalini is not far from the natural attractions Situ Patengan and Kawah Putih as in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. The strategic location and low prices make Ciwalini visited by tens of thousands of tourists each month.

In addition to the hot springs pool, there are several other tourist facilities here. You can play the Flying Fox, ATV riding, bicycle rentals, swim or try the food at the food court there.

Pemandian Air Panas Ciwalini
3. Cibolang Hot Spring.
Cibolang in the village of Wayang Windu, Pangalengan, Bandung. Starting in 1985, Cibolang becomes one of the cheap hot springs sites in Bandung.

The content of sulfur in Cibolang very nice to treat skin problems, rheumatism, and gout. In addition to the hot springs pool, in Cibolang also provides fishing pond.

Berendam Air Panas Sambil Menikmati Perkebunan Teh di Pemandian Cibolang Bandung – IMS

Bandung offers a lot of interesting sights, so Bandung became a favorite place to visit during the holidays. In addition to interesting sights, Bandung also provides a cheap tourist spot.

If you are looking for cheap hot spring in Bandung, then go to Maribaya, Ciwalini or Cibolang.

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