Rental Elf Long Bandung

Rent ELf Bandung

Bandung elf rental will indeed be the right choice. This is because this vehicle has many advantages and advantages. Not only is the capacity large enough to be able to ride up to 14 passengers, but this car has several other things that make anyone who rides it feel comfortable

✓ Free in-car Wifi ✓ Bandung Tour Package ✓ Airport Pickup ✓ Airport Drop-Off ✓ English Speaking Driver


Izusu Elf

Capacity : 14 Seats
Manufacturer : Izusu
Year : 2016-2018
Fuel : Diesel
AC : Full Blower

Included with every car rental:

Professional Driver
Personal Concierge
Car Replacement

Bandung Airport

Rp 325.000 / trip
  • Included: Parking, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee

Rent Innova
Bandung City

Rp 690.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu

Rp 790.000 / 12 hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

Jakarta Airport

Rp 1.150.000 / trip
  • Included: Toll, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi


Do You Need Izusu Elf?

Vacationing in Bandung is one of many people's choices to fill it with various activities. In Bandung there are indeed many interesting places that can make vacation activities more fun and memorable. But to feel a pleasant and memorable vacation then you need to make everything in the maximum vacation agenda to do.

One of the things or components on the holiday agenda that needs to be optimized is the mode of transportation. Actually, this mode of transportation in Bandung has many choices such as city buses, local trains, taxis, public transportation, to bandros. But once again because this mode of transportation can affect how the impression of a vacation will be obtained, then you need to carefully choose one of them.

  • We provide you with a driver who has at least 5 years of experience.
  • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each rent
  • Or use a credit card through online payments
Effective for Group Transportation

For a vacation, you can choose to do it alone or together or in groups. If you go on a vacation alone, you will be more free to choose a convenient mode of transportation. But if you are on a group vacation then your choice of transportation modes can be limited. This is because vehicles capable of carrying large numbers of passengers are small in number. Then what mode of transportation is appropriate for group holiday activities? One of the right vehicles you choose for a group holiday is an elf. This Isuzu production car is indeed very qualified for those of you who are planning a group vacation. This is because Elf vehicles have the ability to carry passengers in large numbers. Of course not only the capacity that is presented by elf cars, but there are various things that will make your vacation with the group more memorable.

The Importance of Comfort

As mentioned earlier that this mode of transportation has indeed become something important for holiday activities. Especially those of you who really focus on satisfaction while on vacation, the comfort of the vehicle will be even greater influence. The reason is, if the vehicle being ridden towards this tourist attraction is not comfortable then it will make you become a bad mood and ultimately do not get excited. But if you use a vehicle or a convenient mode of transportation, your vacation in Bandung will be very pleasant and satisfying. Now by using the Bandung elf rental, then your vacation with the group will be something interesting and memorable.

Elf Bandung Rental as the Right Choice

The first thing that makes you feel comfortable while on vacation with Bandung elf rental is freedom of time. If you take public transportation, you will indeed have to adjust to the departure schedule. Of course this will make you not free. But by using the Bandung elf rental then you can be free to determine the hours of departure and return hours. The next advantageous thing that you can get when choosing Bandung elf rental is that you can freely determine your travel route. In contrast to public transportation that makes you have to follow the route or route that has been determined, then when you use the Bandung elf rental, you can freely determine the route to travel to attractions.

Advantages of Elf Bandung Rental

In addition to being able to freely arrange travel times and routes, with Elf Bandung Rental you will also be able to get maximum comfort. Why is that? Because with Elf Bandung Rental, you will be able to get a vehicle that is roadworthy. And it is not impossible from this Bandung Elf Rental we can find vehicles with new conditions. To make customers satisfied, the rental party will always take care of the vehicle, including the Elf Rental Bandung. From here you will be able to find vehicles that are roadworthy and comfortable.

Elf Bandung Rental Provider itself is currently fairly well-known. Well that's why then you who will choose the vehicle for a vacation in Bandung must make the selection. Make sure you choose a provider of Elf Bandung Rental that has long experience and professionalism in the concept of service. Well, you who are looking for a professional and experienced Elf Bandung Rental can make Dirgantara Car Rental as a reference. In Bandung, Dirgantara Car Rental is already known as a credible car rental service provider. This is because Dirgantara Car Rental has had 30 years of experience and professional service. From here, you who choose Dirgantara Car Rental as an option for a group vacation with Elf Bandung Rental, will get a satisfying and memorable experience.


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