Curug Maribaya, Exoticism In The Middle of Djuanda Forest Park

Located in the east of the Lembang area, precisely in Djuanda Forest Park area, you can go to a tourist destination called Curug Maribaya.

This Maribaya waterfall is an exquisite waterfall exotic with the surrounding environment that is still sustainable. The preservation of the Maribaya Curug region is visible from the shady trees and the cool air breeze.

Although Curug Maribaya is most popular with hot water spring but Curug, the Maribaya Waterfall also should be taken as consideration. This is because Curug Maribaya has been renovated. So it becomes a better place of recreation and tourism.

Maribaya waterfall itself has a height of 15 meters. The water comes from two streams of the River Cikawari and Cigulung River.

To find a clear Maribaya Waterfall then you must come here during the dry season. When the water is clear then you here can enjoy the scenery with full of charm. But if you come in the rainy season, the water in this Maribaya waterfall will be brownish.

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Other Small Waterfalls

Besides Maribaya Waterfall in this tourist area there are several other small waterfall. Those are Curug Cikolelang, Curug Cigulung and Curug Cikawari. These three small waterfall Curug Cikawari have shallow and safe water depth. They are favorite place of the tourists too.

Besides enjoying the charm of Curug Maribaya, you can also be relaxed. The air is cool and fresh. Enjoying the culinary here will make the holiday activities will be more memorable.

When heading to the location Curug Maribaya you will be treated to something interesting. There are the Dutch cave and Japanese cave. They are historical places which have its own value.

For those of you who like fishing, Curug Maribaya has a fishong pond. its called Telaga Giri Pond. Want to take a bath in the hot water bath? Just come to Maribaya Natural Hot Spring Resort. It is still one location with Curug Maribaya. If you have a lot of time then visit Curug Omas also.

From the charm that is presented then being in Curug Maribaya makes anyone will want to capture the scenery with the camera. Not only the background of the waterfall but here we can also take pictures with interesting backgrounds around the waterfall like Sky Bridge Tapak Halimun which is a bridge located on the left of Maribaya tourist area.

Holiday to Curug Maribaya will also make us satisfied. This is because here has provided various facilities. Some supporting facilities Curug Maribaya tour of the area of ​​extensive perkir, musholla, cafe, eating places, toilets, Bale Pinton Ampitheatre, mini zoo, parks and so forth.

How to Get Here

To get into this Maribaya Curug tour you only need to spend Rp 35.000 / person. And to get to Curug Maribaya you have to go to Kampung Cikondang, Lamajang Village, Pangalengan, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java.

In order to get to the address of course you need a vehicle or means of transportation. Transport to Curug Maribaya itself has many and have many choices. You just determine and suit it to the needs and budget you have.

But if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride then the option of private vehicles is something appropriate. This is because with your personal vehicle will be spared with wasteful time like when taking public transportation.

When riding public transport you should be prepared with the amount of time wasted due to waiting time to depart, the route is far away and the habit ngetem from the drivers. Because many tourists are reluctant to bring personal vehicles from a distance.

Well for a solution for those who can not bring a personal vehicle to Bandung Dirgantara Car Rental will be the best solution for you. With the professionalism and experience of Dirgantara Car Rental will make your holiday in Curug Maribaya will be more fun.

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