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Traveling to a hot spring will always bring its own long lasting impression. This is because we can relax and also pamper yourself until the body feels relaxed, healthy and stress free. Especially when the baths are located in a place on the plateau that has a cool air.

Well one of the hot springs in Bandung that we can go to pamper ourself is Cimanggu Hot Spring. With an area of ​​154 hectares, this hot spring will make us satisfied doing exploration activities.

Beautiful Nature at Cimanggu Hot Spring

Supported by a green panorama of the existing trees, create a beautiful and natural atmosphere will be immediately felt when in this bathhouse. This place is located in the Village Rancabali.

Cimanggu Hot Spring Tourism located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level to make the air around cool even be calculated cold at certain times. Not just cool or cold, but the air in this spring is also fresh because it is free from pollution.

From some of the mentioned dish you will already feel relaxed while in this spot. Not to mention when you plunge yourself to bathe in the pool bath. Bathing in the pool of Cimanggu Hot Spring bath will make your body can be more relaxed, relaxed and pampered.

Hot Springs and Three Pools

The water from this hot spring is originated from Mount Patuha. With water temperatures ranging from 40-60 degrees Celsiusm you will feel  instantly warm when you throw yourself and soak in the pool.

Swimming baths that exist in Cimanggu Hot Spring itself are come with three different sizes. Three swimming baths are provided for public visitors. But if you want to enjoy the privacy pool (VIP pool) which can be rented at a rate of Rp 5,000, – per 15 minutes.

With the existing sulfur in the water in the bathing pool can help make skin-related diseases such as ringworm and panu healed faster.

For you who have problems with rheumatism will also be overcome with a routine soak in Cimanggu Hot Spring. And one more thing that you will definitely get from Wisata Hot Spring Bathing Cimanggu is your body that will feel relaxed.

Cimanggu Hot Spring Therapy Facilities

Your vacation activities will be pampered with a variety of facilities. Public facilities available here are:

  • Spacious parking area
  • Islamic Prayer Room
  • Information Center
  • Toilet (MCK)
  • Shelters
  • Playground
  • Fishing pond
  • Food and drink place
  • Lodging (cottages)

Price of admission

To enter and enjoy Cimanggu Hot Spring you have to prepare fund of Rp 16.000 / person on weekdays (weekday) and Rp 23.500 / person on holiday or weekend. The opening hours is 24 hours.

This wonderful place is located in Lebakmuncang, Ciwidey, Patengan, Rancabali, Bandung, West Java.

To go to this hot Spring, you can use private vehicle or public transportation. But to make your holiday feels more comfortable then you have to choose a private vehicle.

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