4G SIM Card Bandung [BDO Airport Pickup]

Sim Card Bandung

You land in Bandung and rent a car with Dirgantara Car Rental. Maybe you stand in the middle of Tangkuban Perahu or White Crater, wanted to take a selfie. Or you hit up a restaurant, pointing at a random photo on the menu and hoping the waiter gets what you’re trying to order but there is no Wifi!! And when it arrives, the first thing you think is, “I need to post this to make my friends envious.” Here’s the lowdown on getting a SIM Card Bandung for your visit, for your data and voice communication needs.

Before getting into the details about the different Indonesia sim card options, a pro tip is to pre-order your sim card at least one week before you arrival. This reduces stress by knowing you will have ready access to the internet almost straight away and ensures you will be able to get a sim card in Bandung, even during peak travel times. Make sure you also double check the pick-up options in advance particularly if you are on an early or late flight.

Starting at IDR 199.000

4G Speed


Unlimited Quota

4G unlimited Quota


8 Days

Sim Card Highlights

There might also be language barriers in buying and activating a local SIM card. In some countries, you are required to have a passport or local address to buy a local SIM and it can be harder to understand exactly what data or calls are included. This might result is unexpected charges which can easily be avoided when buying with Global Komunika SIM card!

Additional Sim Card info

  • Support : Android and Ios
  • Speed  : 4G LTE
  • Provider : Indosat
  • Coverage : Indonesia
  • Type  : Nano/Micro/Standard

While you can certainly debate the various pros and cons that having constant internet access has had on travel, it’s undeniable that having a travel SIM makes the logistic aspects of travel a lot easier. Whether it’s finding directions to your hotel, hunting for a good place to eat or being able to easily stay in touch with family or friends, having a prepaid SIM card in Bandung makes all this possible! Are you wondering what the best travel SIM for Bandung or Indonesia is? This article outlines all the best SIM cards to use in Bandung to add to your packing list and what you need to check before you leave on your adventure to ensure you can use your SIM card without any problems!

All SIM cards need to be registered in Indonesia, The old system by entering a ID no. through a SMS shortcode was discontinued at the end of 2015 as it led to many fake IDs. Nowadays you need to show a valid ID document at the point of purchase to an authorized dealer.

Stay away from their airports stores especially in indonesia airport. They will only sell you huge packages with a steep surcharge there. In town in many stores, you will get a SIM much cheaper, though tourists will aways pay a small surcharge and prices for start-up packages can be higher in tourist places. But the same surcharge of 2-5% for loading credit (called pulsa) on your SIM card in many minimarkets all over the country is paid by locals too as they don't get any refund for the service by the provider.

This Global Komunika Prepaid SIM Card is undoubtedly one of the best SIM cards for travelling in Indonesia. It comes with 3GB Speed 4G Unlimited Quota and speed 128kbps that can be used over a 8 day period. One of the main advantages of buying Global Komunika SIM card in Bandung is that you can pickup readily in the Airport via our car rental driver and be able to use it as soon as you arrive in Bandung. If you choose to buy a local SIM card, then you won’t have data access when you first arrive (which can be very handy when trying to get to contact your friends or family back home) and you wont needed to spend precious time going into a store in Bandung to buy a SIM card.