Tracing The Historic Building of Bandung City, Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate. Visiting Bandung without seeing the iconic building or its landmarks will certainly feel bland. But by visiting and capturing it with camera we can capture the feel of Bandung City soul.

Well in the city of Bandung, Gedung Sate already becoming a landmark and iconic buildings that should not be missed during your visit to “Paris van Java”.

Being in the city center, this building itself is very popular not only for the people of Bandung, but also for the world community in general.

Characteristic inherent and synonymous with Gedung Sate itself is the existence of 6 skewers ornaments located in the middle of the roof of the building.

Six skewers itself symbolizes the funds used to build Gedung Sate which spent 6 million guilders. From this skewer ornament this building is called Gedung Sate.

This destination itself is also one of the old and historic buildings in the city of Bandung. Because, the building that was formerly called Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB) was built starting in 1920 and completed in 1924.

Although it is an heritage buildings, Gedung Sate is till standing firm. Even after Indonesia’s independence, precisely in the 1980s until now, this building is functioned as the office of West Java governor.

Because the building is the center of the activities of the Government of West Java Province iconic Gedung Sate gets the nickname ‘White House of Bandung’.

As a tourist place, this destination is able to make anyone who visit it will be impressed. Therefore, this building in addition to having its own history, Gedung Sate is also very iconic and often used as spot photographed by the visitors.

With the architecture of the Dutch building makes this building very interesting to watch or to be a spot photography. Not only look around and take pictures, some people who come here are also there who do filming or shooting for pre-wedding.

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Not only witness from the outside, but in this tour you can also go in and browse space by space. But if you want to get into Gedung Sate then you must first ask permission to the manager.

When entering this building then the first time you will encounter is a set of Sundanese gamelan. After a few steps then we will find spaces filled with office activities. Understandably this destination is an office area of ​​West Java Provincial Government.

But when heading to the 4th floor then we will find a different atmosphere because there is a place that is used to entertain the guests of the country or special guests.

On the 4th floor of this building, we can also enjoy the view of Bandung directly or with binoculars. In addition on the 4th floor we can also find a variety of souvenirs and inscriptions of West Java province and photos of the governor’s activities.

The most crowded tourist visit to this destination is on Sunday. The management of Gedung Sate does open its place for public on weekends and holidays only.

At the time this destination is open to the public then the area around or rather in front of the building will also be crowded because of the existence of the market keget.

For you who are interested to this place then you have to go Jalan Diponegoro Number 22, Bandung.

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Because it is in the center of Bandung, there will be many transportation that can be chosen to take us to this destination. But because the state of Bandung is often jammed so that your vacation remains exciting needed a comfortable vehicle.

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