Where is The Best Place for Shopping in Bandung?

Bandung is famous for shopping because the prices that are sold in Bandung is cheaper than buying elsewhere.

The question now is why prices in Bandung can be cheaper than elsewhere? Prices in Bandung are cheaper than in other places because of Bandung close to the source of raw materials. Prices of the raw material cost are the reason that makes the prices of products sold in Bandung is cheaper than buying elsewhere.

The labor costs are cheaper and the buy directly to the factory or production centers make product prices in Bandung became cheaper than to buy it elsewhere.

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Where is the best place for shopping in Bandung?


Cibaduyut as shoe leather craft centers was already there since the Dutch colonial era.

In 1920, there were some people who opened the business in making and selling shoes. His efforts to develop and is followed by his neighbors, so that in 1940, there have been 89 craftsmen in Cibaduyut. And in 1950, the number is growing to 250 entrepreneurs craft leather shoes.

In 1989, President Soeharto inaugurated Cibaduyut as an industrial area of craft leather shoes in Bandung.

Cibaduyut has been the longest leather shoe sales in the world’s since along Cibaduyut Raya Street, then you will see the stores are large or small that sells leather shoes.

The advantage of buying leather shoes in Cibaduyut:

  1. The price is cheap.
  2. Quality guaranteed.
  3. You can buy the shoe according to your order.
  4. You can be purchased at retail or wholesale.


Cihampelas well-known for selling a variety of T-shirts, jeans and unique handicrafts of leather.

In 1987, there was a shop selling jeans at a cheap price in Cihampelas. At that time, many people like to wear jeans with models in tatters. Then, followed with stone wash jeans model.

In 1991, Henry Husada opened his first store called Korek Api Jeans in Cihampelas. At that time, the store deserted while other shops are crowded. After the investigation was the visitors prefer to park cars on the side of the road, so the shops on the side of the road are always crowded. He then rented a shop on the side of the road. And his shop became crowded. From a single store, their business continues to grow so that it becomes some stores.

Henry Husada managed to make Cihampelas becoming increasingly popular as a cheap jeans center in Bandung. He did by building a huge statue placed on top of the store. Large statues are statues of famous figures such as Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, Rambo, Aladdin, Tarzan, etc. The uniqueness of its stores to make more and more visitors come to Cihampelas.

Cihampelas so well was known by the name of Jeans Street. At that time, one shop there can earn a turnover of 200 million.

In 2004, a posh Mall named Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) was build

If you go to Bandung, then you should visit Cibaduyut and / or Cihampelas. If you do not go there, then you feel like never went to Bandung for the two places is an icon of Bandung.

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