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History will indeed be something or a value that will never be forgotten. Even over time, history will become more and more valuable. For this reason, in some areas we can always find protected and preserved heritage areas to appreciate history. One of the areas that has a protected heritage area is Bandung. As an area that does have a long history in the journey of the Republic of Indonesia, Bandung then has several areas of historical value. From these historical areas, Bandung can present impressive heritage tourism. So those of you who are planning to spend a vacation in Bandung, can do an impressive Bandung Heritage Exploration with us Dirgantara Car Rental.

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Tour packages to explore Bandung heritage begin with pickup at the inn or at Husein Sastranegara Airport or also at Bandung Station or Kiara Condong with our fleet.

A tour to explore Bandung heritage will begin at Gedung Sate. Gedung Sate, which has become an icon or landmark of Bandung City, is indeed an old building. Here you will be able to get a deep impression when exploring the heritage of Bandung.

Gedung Merdeka is also one of the historical buildings in Bandung. This is because Gedung Merdeka was once used as the venue for the Asia-Africa Summit which is indeed of high historical value.

This unique building will also become one of Bandung’s most memorable heritage tourist destinations. This is because the building, which was built in 1918, has a long history. Interestingly, this building has a unique shape because the roof is shaped like a shaved pencil.

Holidays without bringing souvenirs are lacking. Now on Jalan Braga you can shop for various souvenirs and souvenirs for souvenirs. In addition, the existence of several historical buildings around Jalan Braga allows you to enjoy the old Bandung atmosphere.

Finally, the tour to explore Bandung heritage will end with a return that we will take back either to the airport, to the station or to the inn.

Tour Details

The building, which was built in 1920 to 1924, will indeed be a destination that will be unfortunate if overlooked. This is because the building which was formerly known as Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB) is a landmark of Bandung City. As a landmark of Bandung City, Gedung Sate will be very appropriate to visit on vacation. Exploring the building which now functions as the governor’s office of West Java, you will get many historical stories of high value.

Visiting Gedung Merdeka, our memories will be brought directly to a major historical event called the Asian-African Conference. For Indonesia, the Asian-African Conference is a very important event, especially in the effort to defend Indonesia’s independence. This large conference, which was attended by many newly independent countries in the Asia-Africa region, really attracted the world’s attention. From here, we visited the Merdeka Building on Jl. Asia Afrika No.65 Bandung will allow you to get valuable historical information.

This building is not only historical, but also has an Instagramable object value. This is because the two-storey building located on Jl. Gatot Subroto No.1, Malabar, Kec. Lengkong, Bandung City has a unique shape, which is like a pencil that has been shaved. The building that was built in 1918 does have a very high heritage element. The reason is that the building that used to function as a trading office has still maintained its European-style architectural authenticity.

The building, which now functions as the office of the rectorate for the Indonesian Education University, is indeed an old building with a heritage value. The story begins in 1933 when a Dutch journalist named Dominique Willem Berretty built it. After that this luxurious Art Deco building was sold and became part of the Hotel Savoy Homann. Now the development then the building which is located in Sukasari District, Bandung City has now become a building or office of the UPI rector.

The Braga Street area in Bandung is already very popular, as is Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta. This is because Braga Street is an area that presents several things such as a souvenir center as well as several historical buildings. From here, to complete the Explore Bandung Heritage tour package, Jalan Braga will be the right choice. Because before returning home you can shop for souvenirs and souvenirs while enjoying the old Bandung atmosphere.

What To Do

In the tour packages to explore Bandung heritage that we present, you can do several interesting things, including:

  • Retracing the historic Gedung Sate in Bandung.
  • Commemorating the events of the historic Asian African Conference at Gedung Merdeka.
  • Examining the history of the Pencil Building while taking selfies with the Instagramable pencil-shaped building.
  • Explore all parts of Villa Isola which is a luxurious building with old Art Deco architecture.
  • Shop for various souvenirs or souvenirs as souvenirs on Jalan Braga while enjoying the atmosphere of the old city of Bandung.

Special Impression

With a variety of things that are presented in our Explore Bandung Heritage tour package from Dirgantara Car Rental, you will get a special and deep impression on this holiday. Here are some special and deep impressions that you can get from the Explore Bandung Heritage package with Dirgantara Car Rental.

  • You will get a vacation of high historical value because all the destinations you visit are classified as Bandung heritage areas.
  • In addition to high-value history, in this tour package you can also get the impression of an Instagramable vacation because of the many ancient buildings with interesting Western architecture to be immortalized with a camera.
  • While enjoying a historical vacation, you can also shop for various souvenirs at a popular destination on Jalan Braga.

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