Car Rental Reborn Bandung

Rent Reborn Bandung

Do you need to rent a Toyota Reborn? Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Reborn for hire on our minibus fleet. The most convenient way to explore or getting around Bandung, is to rent Toyota Reborn from Dirgantara Car Rental

✓ Free in-car Wifi ✓ Bandung Tour Package ✓ Airport Pickup ✓ Airport Drop-Off ✓ English Speaking Driver


Innova Reborn Type V

Capacity : 7 Seats
Manufacturer : Toyota
Year : 2018
Fuel : Gasoline
AC : Double Blower

Included with every car rental:

Professional Driver
Personal Concierge
Car Replacement

Bandung Airport

Rp 500.000 / trip
  • Included: Parking, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee

Rent Reborn
Bandung City

Rp 950.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu

Rp 1.050.000 / 12 hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

Jakarta Airport

Rp 1.350.000 / trip
  • Included: Toll, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi

Reborn EN

Do You Need Toyota Reborn?

Dirgantara Car Rental offer the Toyota Reborn for hire on our minibus fleet. The vehicle has two seats in the front, 3 seats in the second row and 2 fold down seats in the rear. The Toyota Reborn is a great comfortable vehicle. If you are on Vacation or Business Trip this is the perfect comfortable vehicle for you to hire. The most convenient way to explore or getting around Bandung, is to rent toyota Reborn from Dirgantara Car Rental. Please call-in and speak to a salesperson who can assist you with all of your needs.

  • We provide you with a driver who has at least 5 years of experience.
  • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each rent
  • Or use a credit card through online payments
Rent Toyota Reborn in Bandung

Vacationing to Bandung would be the right choice for you who want to relax from the daily routine of a working. Bandung indeed presents a variety of things that can make you re-refresh. Some activities such as natural attractions in the mountains, family recreation tours, culinary tours to shopping in Bandung could easily recharged you. Moreover, seeing the morphological state of Bandung in the highlands will increasingly create comfort because of climate will definitely cool you off

Even though Bandung already has a special attraction, but if you do not have the right vacation plan it could ruin your tourism activity. When going on vacation, you are required to consider several things such as destinations, budget, lodging, and also means transportation. By planning some things before it will make the activities to the fullest. One of the things to note when on holiday that is the mode of transportation. To go to the tourist location indeed you must use the means of transportation. Because the modes of transportation in Bandung somewhat diverse then you will inevitably have to choose one of them. Well your choice of transportation is what will determine the optimal or not your holiday in Bandung. Why is that? Because the trip to the tourist site will greatly affect your mood while on vacation. When the mood worsens on the way to the tourist attractions then the holidays would be so unpleasant. From here then this transportation factor should not be underestimated.


To be able to get a good mood while on vacation to Bandung then you can choose a rental car or rental car Bandung. Because by using a rent car in Bandung as an option to travel to the tourist attractions you will experience more freedom. This is because the rental car will bring flexibility and comfort. Different when you use public transportation that requires you to adjust to the schedule of departure. In addition when using public transportation you also inevitably have to follow the route of public transportation that could so will make a lot of time consumed. But with a car rental then all the problems on public transportation will be resolved properly.

Toyota Reborn Advantages

One of the other advantages of car rental is the choice of new cars are called Reborn. Toyota car manufacturer's production is indeed very classy and well build. For a vehicle that is named All New Kijang Innova The Legend Reborn it have a lot of features. From the interior or exterior design, we can see the car that was launched in November 2016 is very luxurious. While looking at the security system and comfort, this type of MPV car also presents some advanced features. While on the kitchen runway or engine you will be able to find a feature drive mode that usually only exist in the luxury category car sedan. Interestingly again Toyota Reborn also has a cabin capacity that can accommodate up to 7 people. From here then you can vacation in Bandung with fun with family or group of friends.

Engine Toyota Reborn

Of all the advantages presented Toyota Reborn there is no doubt to choose this type of car. Because with a rental car Toyota Reborn you will get the comfort and also the escalate more your experience for enjoying Bandung. With a tough engine owned by Toyota Reborn with a capacity of 2339 cc to make all terrain can be traversed easily, including on the road up. From here then all the tourist attractions in Bandung is like Mount Tangkuban Perahu will be you can go. Moreover, seeing the number of spacious cabin with a large capacity that is presented Reborn makes this car rental Toyota Reborn will be a very appropriate choice, especially for those of you who want to travel with a group.

Well to get a rental car Toyota Reborn in Bandung you can contact Dirgantara Car Rental. With the experience and professionalism of Dirgantara Car Rental your choice to rent Toyota Reborn car will be very appropriate and make your holiday in Bandung very memorable.


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