Rent Bus Bandung

Rent Bus Bandung

When going on vacation to a place, of course you will need a mode of transportation. This mode of transportation itself will deliver to the tourist destinations to be addressed. Just as when going on vacation or a trip to Bandung, then surely you will need a mode of transportation or vehicle. In Bandung itself there are actually many modes of transportation to choose from. In the capital city of West Java Province, we can find such as city buses, city transportation, bandros (tourist buses), taxis, rickshaws, online motorcycle taxis to local trains.

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JetBus 2+ and 3+

Capacity : 30-48 Seats
Manufacturer : Adiputro
Year : 2015-2019
Fuel : Diesel
AC : Full Blower

Included with every car rental:

Professional Driver
Personal Concierge
Car Replacement

Rental Jet Bus 2+ Bandung

Rp 2.150.000 / 12 Jam
  • Included: BBM, dan Driver
  • Excluded: Toll, Parkir dan Tiket Masuk
  • Overtime 10% per jam dari harga total

Rental Jet Bus 3+ Bandung

Rp 3.750.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: BBM, dan Driver
  • Excluded: Toll, Parkir dan Tiket Masuk
  • Overtime 10% per jam dari harga total

Rental Jet Bus 2+ Out Of City

Rp 2.750.000 / 12 Jam
  • Included: BBM, dan Driver
  • Excluded: Toll, Parkir dan Tiket Masuk
  • Overtime 10% per jam dari harga total

Rental Jet Bus 3+ Out Of City

Rp4.250.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: BBM, dan Driver
  • Excluded: Toll, Parkir dan Tiket Masuk
  • Overtime 10% per jam dari harga total

Bus Rental in Bandung

Do You Need Bus in Bandung?

Maybe you who vacation alone can be free to choose the mode of transportation. But if you are on a group vacation with family or friends, then surely a large vehicle is needed so that it can transport more effectively and efficiently. One of the efficient and effective modes of transportation to transport your tour group is buses. Buses are indeed vehicles that can carry many people in one ride. Of the many passengers that can be loaded on the bus, this vehicle will be very effective for those of you who are on vacation as a group.

  • We provide you with a driver who already has a minimum of 5 years experience.
    For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each use
    Or use a credit card through online payment
Importance the Comfort Mode of Transportation

But to be able to get a comfortable bus for a vacation in Bandung is certainly not easy. As we know that public buses that are in a situation that is still alarming and far from comfortable. Comfort is indeed an important thing to consider when going on vacation. Because, if the trip is not comfortable while on vacation then this will affect your happy feelings. Vacationing should indeed be an exciting activity starting from leaving until finishing on vacation.

So that you can always maintain a happy feeling while on vacation then riding a comfortable vehicle can be the solution. Because if the existing vehicle ride is uncomfortable then this can indeed have an impact on changing your happy feelings. Therefore to overcome the problem of changing this feeling of joy then you must find a vehicle or a convenient mode of transportation.

Bandung Bus Rental is the Right Choice

Regarding your group vacation, Bandung bus rental will be the right solution. Why does it have to be a Bandung bus rental? Because with the Bandung bus rental, you will rent a bus specifically for your tour group. Now if you rent a bus rental specifically with a Bandung bus rental, then you will be able to maintain your happy feelings during a vacation. This is because with Bandung bus rentals you will be able to arrange departure times and travel routes. Not only that, when with this Bandung bus rental you can also be free to stop wherever you like if there is a place you want to visit in the middle of your trip.

Some things on the Bandung bus rental will certainly be different when you take a public bus. Because when taking a public bus then you are required to adjust to the time of departure and bus routes. You also will not be able to stop anywhere during the trip.


Advantages of Bandung Bus Rental

But if you use Bandung bus rental, you will be able to freely adjust the time and route of the trip. In addition to being able to freely arrange departure times and travel routes, with Bandung bus rental it will also get comfort from existing vehicles. Bandung bus rental providers will indeed provide vehicles (buses) that are roadworthy. Not only that, maintenance of this bus will also certainly be routinely carried out by Bandung bus rental providers. With the feasibility and comfort of the bus that is presented then you will be able to better maintain a happy feeling during a vacation.

Nowadays Bandung bus rental service providers themselves are pretty much found in the city of flowers. Now because there are many Bandung bus rental providers, you as a consumer must be careful in choosing them. Make sure you get the best and credible. One of the best, credible and professional Bandung bus rental options for you to make a reference is Dirgantara Car Rental. With more than 30 years of experience, of course all things about Bandung bus rental can be well understood by Dirgantara Car Rental. In the end, with Dirgantara Car Rental, you will be able to create a memorable vacation.


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