Rent Fortuner Bandung

Rent Fotuner Bandung

Bandung Fortuner Rental Options. When you arrive in Bandung, you will indeed need a vehicle as a means of transportation to and fro. Especially if you have a plan to visit several attractions, the mode of transportation is very important to be prepared.

✓ Free in-car Wifi ✓ Bandung Tour Package ✓ Airport Pickup ✓ Airport Drop-Off ✓ English Speaking Driver


Toyota Fortuner Type V

Capacity : 5 Seats
Manufacturer : Toyota
Year : 2018
Fuel : Diesel
AC : Double Blower

Included with every car rental:

Professional Driver
Personal Concierge
Car Replacement

Bandung Airport

Rp 1.050.000 / trip
  • Included: Parking, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee

Rent Fortuner
Bandung City

Rp 1.750.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu

Rp 1.850.000 / 12 hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

Jakarta Airport

Rp 2.250.000 / trip
  • Included: Toll, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi

Toyota Fortuner 12 Hours package in bandung

Do You Need Toyota Fortuner?

For those of you planning to travel and take a vacation to Bandung, of course there are some preparations that must be done. This preparation is done so that whatever you plan can run smoothly. When everything you plan to do goes well, your vacation in Bandung will be very memorable.

  • We provide you with a driver who already has a minimum of 5 years experience.
  • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each use
  • Or use a credit card through online payment
Rent Toyota Fortuner in Bandung

There are indeed many choices of modes of transportation for you to get around Bandung. The first mode of transportation that you can use in Bandung is public transportation. In Bandung, some public transportation that we can find include urban transportation, bandros, city buses, trans metro bandung, rickshaws, delmans and taxis. In addition, at this time where online technology is very massive, you can also use online transportation for traveling in Bandung. The next alternative mode of transportation that you can use is the Bandung car rental or rental, including one of the Bandung Fortuner Rental.

Of the several choices of transportation modes that have been mentioned, of course each has advantages and disadvantages. Like if you use public transportation then you might be able to get a cheap price, but it could be that you don't get the level of comfort. The current condition of public transportation in Indonesia can still be said to be not good. Because, many of the modes of public transportation are not roadworthy. Another disadvantage of public transportation is the long travel time and also the route that you inevitably have to follow. Meanwhile, if you use online transportation, there will also be some disadvantages.

Although you can order easily, but to be able to do it, you must meet two components, namely smartphones and internet networks. Both of these components are required and if you don't have one of these, then online transportation reservations cannot be made. Now this is the limitations and disadvantages of online transportation modes. So that some of these deficiencies can be minimized and eliminated, then a rental or rental car, including the Bandung Fortuner Rental can be a solution.

Toyota Fortuner Advantages

One of the qualified fleets that you can get at Dirgantara Car Rental is the Fortuner Bandung Rental. As a relatively new car on the market, of course the Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly its performance. Coupled with a futuristic look, making this Japanese SUV will make you more stylish and trendy when in tourist attractions. Not only that, with an engine capacity of more than 2000 CC, making the Toyota Fotuner a powerful car to be carried everywhere. As we know that Bandung is a place that has a variety of morphology or relief on the face of the earth. From here, there are several tourist attractions at high altitudes that require powered vehicles to reach them.

Why Rent Toyota Fortuner in Bandung

Why does it have to be a car rental? Because with a rental car then you will be more free to plan a vacation trip. With this car rental, you don't need to wait for the schedule to depart from the vehicle. In addition, with this car rental, you can freely determine the route to the tourist attractions. If you want to stop in the middle of a trip you can do as you wish. To order your own car rental you can do anytime without an internet network though. Because, simply by calling then you can already make an order and the rental car will immediately slide to your place. Of all the advantages of car rental, then your vacation in Bandung will be very pleasant and memorable. Now for those of you who want to get a memorable vacation experience in Bandung, then a car rental from Dirgantara Car Rental will be the best option. Why Airport Car Rental? Because Dirgantara Car Rental is a trusted car rental experience with 30 years of experience.

By using Dirgantara Car Rental, your trip to the vacation spot will feel comfortable. This is due to the fleet owned by Dirgantara Car Rental, which are qualified and still very good vehicles.

Now if you use the Bandung Fortuner Rental from Dirgantara Car Rental, then you will not find difficulties and obstacles when heading to the tourist attractions at the altitude. With all the facilities and support of the Toyota Fortuner and also the Dirgantara Car Rental, your vacation in Bandung will be very enjoyable and memorable.


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