Rental Alphard Bandung

Rent Alphard Bandung

Toyota Alphard goes straight to the top of the class in the luxury MPVs segment. It is not only an MPV for the well-heeled to enjoy the back seats, but it’s also for those who are willing to fork out a little more over regular MPVs to ride one of the premium cars on the roads in a top-of-the-line comfort

✓ Free in-car Wifi ✓ Bandung Tour Package ✓ Airport Pickup ✓ Airport Drop-Off ✓ English Speaking Driver


Alphard Vellfire Type V

Capacity : 5 Seats
Manufacturer : Toyota
Year : 2013-2015
Fuel : Gasoline
AC : Double Blower

Included with every car rental:

Professional Driver
Personal Concierge
Car Replacement

Bandung Airport

Rp 1.750.000 / trip
  • Included: Parking, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee

Rent Alphard Vellfire
Bandung City

Rp 2.250.000 / 12 Hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

White Crater / Tangkuban Perahu

Rp 2.350.000 / 12 hours
  • Included: Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi
  • Excluded: Parking, Toll, Entrance fee
  • Overtime 10% per hours from total price

Jakarta Airport

Rp 2.750.000 / trip
  • Included: Toll, Gasoline, Driver, Car Insurance and Free in-car Wifi

Alphard EN

Do You Need Toyota Alphard Vellfire?

The biggest selling point for Toyota Alphard is its cabin. Thanks to the big doors up front and rear, access is extremely easy. Inside, occupants will be treated to a sea of suede, diamond patterned leather, and shiny reflective surfaces. Classy.

With a variety of food offerings, you who come to the City ‘Paris van Java’ will get many exciting and memorable things. Tour option in Bandung itself is diverse. There are natural attractions, playground tours, cultural tours and also culinary tours. Moreover, the temperature in Bandung is fairly cool, making all the activities and tourism activities here more comfortable to do.

  • We provide you with a driver who has at least 5 years of experience.
  • For payments you can pay directly to our driver after each rent
  • Or use a credit card through online payments
Choosing Toyota Alphard

But to be able to travel in Bandung with optimal then you must prepare everything well. From equipment, schedule, fund to transportation needs to be planned and carefully thought through. This is because by thinking and planning these things will make your holiday in Bandung so more leverage. One of the things that need to be planned while on vacation to Bandung ie transportation. To go to the tourist location is necessary vehicle or mode of transportation.

Your choice on a mode of transportation is what will make it or break it your holiday in Bandung. If you choose the right transportation then it could be the make your vacation activities in Bandung memorable and enjoyable.

Then how to choose the right mode of transportation to be able to vacation with the optimal? Just choose Rental Car Bandung that will be able to make you explore and travel with the maximum freedom. By renting a rental car then you will be able to go around freely. This is because you will not be disturbed by the departure schedule as well as travel routes such as public transport. When riding public transportation you really have to adjust the time with the departure of public transport. In addition you are also required to follow the route of public transportation which means it can make travel time to the tourist sites longer.

In addition to flexibility, when you choose a car rental then the convenience will also be able to feel you with more optimal than public vehicles. From all these circumstances then the car rental will make your mood remains good and happy during a vacation from tourist attractions to other attractions in Bandung.

Car Rental Innova Bandung Able To Accommodate 7 Pax

Basically, Toyota Kijang Innova is specially designed as a family car. Therefore, Bandung Innova rental car can accommodate passengers amounted to 7 people at once. Although it can accommodate 7  passengers (2 - 3 - 3), but the seating available in it is quite wide. You and your family do not have to jostle. If you choose to rent Bandung Innova rental car then you can bring all family members to visit places of interest in bandung city.

Spacious and Comfortable

Another advantage of car rental that should not be forgotten is the choice of the latest cars with good conditions. Well one of the latest rental car options that will make your holiday feels optimal ie Toyota Alphard. This MPV car is indeed a classy vehicle and fairly luxurious. The luxury of Toyota Alphard is visible on the look or design of the interior and exterior. Do not forget also the advanced features that exist in the car output of Toyota in 2002 this. Sophisticated features of the Toyota Alphard itself can be found on the component parts or safety systems, comfort and also the kitchen runway. With the relief of the cabin owned by Toyota Alphard then you can bring a group of family or friends to explore Bandung together. Cabin on the Toyota Alphard itself can indeed accommodate passengers up to 7-8 people.

From what Toyota Alphard presents then you who choose a Toyota Alphard car rental will feel a very optimal vacation experience. This is due to Toyota Alphard will make the holiday more classy. So with a Toyota Alphard car rental is not just the freedom and convenience that you will get. Because, you can also get the image and style of a premium vacation. But what about the rent price? Interestingly because this Toyota Alphard can accommodate up to 7-8 people then you can share the cost of renting a Toyota Alphard car on the tour group.


Luxurious Exterior

For the exterior of Alphard car does look luxurious, but the shape of the body is rounded and far from retro design makes this car look suitable for traveling with family. The number of variants that are present at Toyota Alphard may make you confused.

Some types of rental car Alphard Bandung include type J, E, G, V, and V Luxury. While the transmission itself there are two types of manual and automatic. Each Alphard car rental place in Bandung may have variants or different types of Toyota Alphard cars.

Of all the offered car rental Toyota Alphard certainly you no longer need to hesitate to do a Toyota Alphard car rental. By choosing a Toyota Alphard as a travel companion you are vacationing in Bandung then tourism activities in this Flower City will feel very special and special. Then how to get a quality Toyota Alphard car rental? You can get it at Dirgantara Car Rental.



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