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Everyone certainly wants to take a vacation when he finds boredom and boredom. Vacation can indeed be a solution to drive out boredom and also restore the spirit of work. Indeed, not every vacation can bring pleasure and a deep impression. Because this memorable and enjoyable holiday needs to be sought and fought for. Now, one of the places that allows you to get the impression of an impressive holiday is Bandung.

About Bandung

Bandung has always been known as a tourism destination. Evidence that Bandung is a capable and growing tourist area is the emergence of several new tourist destinations. As soon as the city of Bandung as a tourist destination has even raised a new nickname that has long been there, “Paris van Java”. The nickname “Paris van Java” itself is given to Bandung because this area has the beauty and charm of a place and destination on vacation.

Bandung is an area that has many formations or morphology. The morphological situation itself is because Bandung is a basin of ancient lakes surrounded by mountains. Located at an altitude between 675 meters above sea level up to 1,050 meters above sea level, Bandung has a relatively cool temperature. From here, Bandung then became very qualified to become a tourist destination. Because, from this cool temperature, traveling in Bandung will make vacation activities very comfortable.

Bandung itself consists of several regions, namely Bandung City, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency and also Cimahi City. From the breadth of the Bandung area, tourists will also have more options for vacationing or traveling. Various tourism concepts can now be found in Bandung. From natural attractions, historical tours, park tours, cultural tours, culinary tours to shopping tours we can find them in Bandung. Of the various types of Bandung tourism that can be found, we can be free and satisfied while on vacation in Bandung. Moreover, Bandung, which has been known as a tourist city, makes many existing destinations can spoil travelers with complete facilities or facilities that have been provided.

Vacation Activities in Bandung

In Bandung you can do many interesting activities. In addition to visiting favorite tourist attractions, you can also see a variety of cultures and also enjoy typical Bandung cuisine. Not only witnessing a variety of cultures and eating culinary, but in Bandung you can also buy some high-value Bandung specialties. But all the things mentioned above will become more meaningful if you take a tour package Bandung. This is because with Bandung tour packages, your vacation activities will be well planned to bring more memorable activities. The organizers of Bandung tour packages who already have experience certainly understand the things that are most qualified to do when having a flight in Bandung. Well from here you will be able to carry out vacation activities in Bandung with great fun and a very deep impression

Interesting Places in Bandung

Some tourist attractions or destinations in Bandung that you can visit while on vacation include Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, Ciwidey White Crater, Gedung Sate, KAA Museum, Farm House, De Ranch, Maribaya Lodge, Boscha Observatory, Stone Garden, Sanghyang Heuleut, Curug Pelangi , Jalan Dago, Trans Studio Bandung and many others. Some of the interesting places mentioned earlier can make you as a tourist impressed or may not be impressed. A deep and pleasant impression while on vacation in several tourist destinations in Bandung itself is influenced by many things such as planned activities planned, vehicle comfort or also the comfort of lodging. So from that so that your holiday activities in Bandung are not in vain then you can make Bandung tour packages as an option.

Transportation in Bandung

One of the things that makes holiday activities in Bandung so qualified is the existence of transportation that is so supportive. In Bandung, we can indeed find complete transportation options. Some choices of vehicles or modes of transportation that we can find in Bandung include trains, public buses, Bandros (city buses), Trans Metro Bandung, taxis, pedicabs and motorcycle taxis online. Trains in Bandung can indeed take you to several places around Bandung. This is because in Bandung, there are several local trains in Bandung Raya that serve trips to several small stations in Bandung such as Padalarang, Cimahi, Cimindi, Ciroyom, Bandung City, Cikudapateuh, Kiaracondong, Gedebage, Cimekar, Rancaekek and Cicalengka. Meanwhile city buses like Bandros and Trans Metro Bandung will be able to get you to several destinations in the city of Bandung. And if you want to go to an area outside the city of Bandung, then you can use public buses, taxis or online transportation. But if you want to get around to some tourist destinations in the city of Bandung comfortably and pleasantly, the choice to use a car rental is the right thing to choose. Because by using a car rental, you will be more free to go wherever you like. By renting this car, you will be free to travel whenever you want. Especially if you look at a decent and comfortable vehicle if you use a car rental, then your vacation or holiday activities in Bandung will be even more enjoyable. Those are some advantages if you use a Bandung Car Rental while on vacation in the Flower City.