“Kawah Putih” The gorgeous attraction in Bandung

When visiting the city of flowers, lest you be lulled by culinary and fashion or clothing alone. Although lined up as his Paris Indonesia, but the Flower City also save a lot of unique and interesting sights that make you feel at home and make the mind becomes fresh again. Well, of all the tourist attractions in the city, dont forget to visit ‘Kawah Putih’ as your main destination. Because, like white crater is said to be unique, and be the only one in Indonesia.
White Crater is actually located in Ciwidey, Java weight. Mileage from downtown Bandung until arriving at the location is approximately 50 km. This makes the distance away private vehicles become the primary choice rather than public transportation. The origin of the formation of this white crater was caused by the eruption of Mount compliance, which eventually became a lake with a mixture of sulfur white water. The color of the crater itself could change again, in accordance with the temperature, the weather, and the sulfur content contained therein.

Geographically, the location of this Ciwidey area in a mountainous region, which had reached a height of 2400 meters above sea level. Based on these heights, automatic air temperature in Ciwidey relatively cold, which reached 220 C in the daytime, and 8o C at night. Therefore, do not let your visit to the White crater became un-memorable because you forget to bring a jacket or thick clothing. However, for many people the temperature in these places is not an obstacle to prewedding photo, scene of some of the scenes in the film, painting, climbing (climbing), and also horse riding.
We all certainly agree that the White Crater travel is the best tourist attractions in the city of Bandung. However, did you know that this place used to store the dark history of the residents around? Yes, once white Ciwidey crater is not as busy now, even the birds did not dare to approach because it would result in death. Based on the bird’s death, the community around the crater of White Attraction regarded as a haunted place, which is occupied by spirits. This continues for several hundred years, until finally in 1837 came a German botanist who examined the place to be the government’s development tour.

On arrival at the location of Ciwidey Kawah Putih, there are 2 parking places to store your vehicle. The first is the underground car park at an average price of 5.000, – alone, and the second is a parking lot on the price reached Rp 150.000, -. The price difference is due to the distant location of the parking lot down to the crater, which is about 5 Km. In contrast to the upper parking lot near the crater, of course natural that the price difference terlambung away. However, there are solutions that can be used, the use of ontang-earrings. Ontang earrings taken from Sundanese, which means pacing. This is the task of the vehicles take tourists from the parking down to the location with the price of Rp 15,000, – only per person.
Although the White crater tour can be achieved with the motor, but it is highly recommended to use a car to give the best comfort for each of you. If it does not have a car, then the best advice is to book a rental car from dirgantaracarrental.com Bandung. Vendor DirgantaraCarRental.com was sudha proven professional in dealing with any mode of transportation of tourists for enjoying the city of Bandung.

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