Paskal Food Market, Fun Culinary Place in Bandung

In Bandung there is one place culinary that is the center off all hawker style food and it is also well known as fun hangout place in Bandung it is called Paskal Food Market. Paskal itself has acronym Pasir Kaliki which is a street name in Bandung.

Paskal Food Market itself has now become one of Bandung’s popular culinary places. The evidence speak no more, every day this place is crowded of visitors hungry for food.

With the open concept, Paskal is very interesting for hangout. Not only that, it’s neat and instagramable spatial make Paskal Market is optimal for camera aimed.

At night Paskal Food Market more interesting to visit because there is a romantic impression that is presented from incandescent lamps and ornaments torch as illumination.

Although the concept of outdoor, on this food market, you will not find street singers, street vendors or beggars. These kind of environment will make your culinary adventure more comfortable.

The convenience on Paskal also appears from live music that is presented on certain days. Live music will be held on stage in the middle of the fountain pool. From the delightful of this live music, we can be more relax and enjoying the food with more fun.

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The Fountain of Hope and Luck

Not only for the live music, but also on the fountain pool there is a statue of a man holding a ring so you can throw a coin of luck. Because of this belief in the power of luck, that’s the part of the pool here called “Fountain of Hope”.

A Great Mixed of Culinary Culture

In Paskal Food Market itself there are more than 50 booths provide various food menu such as Indonesian food, Chinese food, Japanese food and western food.

There are no less than 1001 menus we can enjoy at this market. As for the food stands, there is Ubi Balls Stand selling sweet potato ball, and also a famous satay stall in Dago Sate Maulana Yusuf. For the price, of the menus in Paskal is fairly affordable with 10% tax.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of Paskal Food Market are from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM for Monday-Friday. Meanwhile for the weekend (Saturday and Mingu), Paskal Food Market is open from 11:00 AM until 00:30 AM.

The most crowded hours is on when people back from work. So it’s from 05:00 PM until night time. Not just the local visitors, because this Food Market is so popular, it’s makes the tourists come here too.

Where and How to Find Paskal Food Market

We can find Paskal Market Food on Jalan Pasir Kaliki Number 25-27, Bandung or precisely in Paskal Hypersquare. To get here you can use public transport or private vehicle. But you who want to be comfortable should choose a private vehicle.

If you can not bring a personal vehicle because of the remote location then the solution is you can use a car rental in Bandung.

With Bandung car rental you are more flexible to determine the route to the food market. When free to determine the path of travel, it will be able to avoid some traffic jam in Bandung.

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