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Stone Garden is actually an area or an ancient mining area. But because of its impressive scenery make Stone Garden many people visited and became a tourist area. Even because it is so valuable and famous area in Citatah, this Padalarang Stone Garden is then designated as a Geopark and a protected cultural preserve. From here then there is a mention of this Stone Garden area as Citatah Geopark tour.

  • Ancient Site in Bandung

Sesuai dengan namanya, maka sajian utama dari Stone Garden ini adalah pemandangan hamparan bebatuan purba. Bebatuan di kawasan Geopark sendiri adalah batu gamping yang terbentuk dari endapan dari hewan-hewan bawah laut puluhan ribu tahun silam. Dahulu kawasan ini memang merupakan danau purba yang kemudian surut dan membentuk Kota Bandung. Kawasan Stone garden bahkan diyakini sebagai tempat manusia purba hidup. Buktinya di sini kita bisa mendapati situs megalitikum Gua Pawon yang diduga sebagai tempat tinggal manusia purba zaman batu.

Sebelum menjadi obyek wisata dan geopark, sejak abad ke-19 daerah Stone Garden ini adalah daerah pertambangan. Bahkan sampai saat ini lokasi seluas 2 hektar ini masih ada orang yang memanfaatkan untuk kegiatan pertambangan.

  • Spot Foto Instagramable

Being in the Stone Garden Citatah makes us feel like there is in Stonehenge, England or in Machu Picchu in Peru. Ancient limestone rocks in Stone Garden is indeed very visible dazzle. Coupled with the green grass landscape makes the scene at Stone Garden so very charming and very qualified to be immortalized with the camera. By taking pictures here we will get the image or Instagramable photos. Stone Garden’s popularity from time to watu then make this place as hunters of photography lovers. Even so fascinating Stone Garden Citatah is not uncommon to use it as the location of prewedding photos.


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  • Anticipate Hot Weather Because The Sun and Wild Apes

Stone Garden is located at a height of about 700 meters above sea level and make visitors who come to climb for approximately 30 minutes to arrive at the location. The climb itself is not too difficult and can be passed by the children though. Although above the altitude, does not mean the Stone Garden air cool and cold. Especially when you come at noon then the hot air katena hot sun will be felt here. The lack of trees here is also a factor in the heat of the air temperature at Stone Garden.

Therefore for you who come here is advised to come in the morning or evening to avoid the hot sun and hot air. If indeed you come during the day then just bring an umbrella or wear sun block cream in order to minimize the heat of the air in the Stone Garden.

Another thing you need to be aware of when traveling to Stone Garden is the presence of wild monkeys that could be carrying your luggage if you do not guard it. So when in Stone Garden is often visited by a herd of apes, you must be careful and keep luggage.

  • Entrance Rates and Stone Garden Facilities

To enter and enjoy Stone Garden tour there is a ticket that you have to pay. Entrance to Stone Garden is Rp 6.000 / person excluding vehicle parking tariff. Being in Stone Garden we have been able to find such facilities as parking areas, gazebos, mosques and toilets. In the future tourism area Stone Garden is still being repaired and carried out the development to make more visitors who come more and more. Stone Garden itself you can go in the Village Citatah, Padalarang, Gunungmasigit, Cipatat, West Bandung regency, West Java.

Seeing the charm of Stone Garden Citatah this will certainly make us so imagine its beauty. So while on vacation to Bandung then Stone Garden is already you should visit. To travel to Stone Garden with the maximum you can use the car rental Bandung from Dirgantara Car Rental. Because with a vacation with Dirgantara Car Rental then your tour at Stone Garden will be more memorable and fun.


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