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Here are tips travel vacation Bandung and tricks you need to do so that your trip safe and enjoyable. It was small but very important things you did a beautiful vacation and smooth can keep you and the family to relax and will leave a wonderful impression. However, due to lack of preparation, may be you forgot to bring equipment that is essential for your vacation. Or even you fall ill while enjoying your tour so can not enjoy the recreational events. It is also often the case is full accommodation facilities and vehicles in a vacation rental, so you’ll spend most of the time just to find lodgings or rental vehicle. As a result, your vacation becomes chaotic and the money you spend on a vacation be wasted. Preparation and good needs to be done for your vacation.

Preparation Before your vacation, make planning and preparation ahead of time in advance. It is preparing a holiday in early enough trouble. However, by doing this will make the holidays better. Some things you need to prepare when going on vacation are:

  • Preparation vacations far in advance do prepare far in advance. Because if you suddenly change the destination sites, then you still have plenty of time to do so.

Tourist destination

  • Set tourist destination: You can discuss with your family if you want to do a family recreation. Bandung city tour for example. Although Vacation does not mean always outside the city or a place far from home. Holidays in the suburbs if there is a comfortable tourist and beautiful scenery can also be an alternative option. For example, a vacation at the beach or in the park. Another option is a holiday in the city, such as visiting historic sites and playgrounds
  • Booking hotels: Make sure you’ve booked accommodation such as hotels or villa before the holidays. If you are on vacation without the use of a personal vehicle, the message also in a vacation rental vehicle if you want to visit some tourist sites. Usually hotels and rental vehicles have been booked far in advance by many tourists, but the price that is offered is usually also more expensive than the local rental
  • Start looking for information travel guides at tourist sites as you go: Tourist information you can get on the website, magazines, results chatting with friends, and other media. Dig up information like custom locals, unique things there, as well as the nearby tourist sites in the same area. Of course this makes your holiday more meaningful and educational.
  • List of luggage: Begin record any luggage to be carried. The goal is that nothing is forgotten. Imagine a vacation where your camera was left behind, of course you can quickly forgotten holiday. Objects such as paper, markers, or pencils though looks are not important, it could be taken. You can draw a travel map, plan objectives, as well as noting the important things during the trip.
  • Bring useful items: Do not bring too much luggage so you do not make freely. Especially if you use public transportation such as aircraft, ship, or train. Do not let these items make your mobility impaired. Therefore, for the best estimate for your luggage in accordance with existing conditions
  • Completeness of documents: Manages all travel documents or documents necessary health. For example, if you are planning a vacation abroad, you can take care of some of the necessary documents for you and your family.

the day of departure, you also can make the final preparations. Specifically you can prepare your physical fatigue that is not in place in a vacation or recreation. A few things you should consider, especially if you are planning a vacation outside the city or abroad, are as follows:

  • Strive enough sleep: Enough sleep before the day you leave on vacation. On the day you leave on vacation, usually physical condition will be quite tired from the long trip away. There may be a delay of flight time that makes you wait long enough so that your fatigue. The weather changes will also affect your health. Therefore, you need to prepare your physical order not to fall ill while on vacation.
  • Eat well: week before leaving on vacation, try to eat and drink right. If you are on a trip and experience disturbances in the stomach, it will interfere with your travel and vacation.
  • Check luggage Prepare all the luggage you have planned ahead of time. For example, you can prepare suitable clothes, cameras, musical instruments, toys, books, medicines, cosmetics such as sunscreen, and various other items that make your holiday comfortable. Do not forget to prepare snacks to be enjoyed during the trip.
  • Medications: If you have special health problems, such as heart disease or hypertension, you’ll want to prepare drugs for the disease to make precautions in place on vacation.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee: Avoid consuming alcohol or coffee, especially if you are traveling abroad. Because you will experience jet lag, while alcohol and coffee will have a negative impact on the jet lag.

Travel to location Vacation After all the preparation is complete, it’s time to go on vacation. You may be traveling for hours to the location on vacation. What should you pay attention to during the trip? Here are some interesting tips that can be done.

  • Itineraries: If using a private vehicle, choose a route that is comfortable and safe. If you bring children, choose a comfortable terrain, because the child may experience motion sickness or fatigue.
  • Stop for a rest: If you are driving yourself a private vehicle, then pull off if you start to feel sleepy and tired. Do not hesitate to rest if you start to feel sleepy so that you are not too tired and sore at the destination. If you are resting in the car, choose a fairly safe area. Some people even choose the location of the police station to rest.
  • Drink: Drink plenty of fluids that do not contain alcohol during the trip. Travel far and long lead to health problems such as dehydration.
  • Strive to move: The weight exercise if you sit too long on the plane, train or other vehicle. Lack of movement and sitting jostling for hours can lead to blood clots in the legs. Therefore, some passengers need to exercise with a walk in the hallway or by flexing the hip and leg muscles while sitting.
  • Kids: Bringing small children on the way is a challenge. Children will be easy to complain because of the length of the trip. Bring books, toys, or other materials for the attention of the child.

Arrived in destinations when you arrive at your vacation, the following points should you consider and do to your holiday a success.

  • Adjust yourself soon arrive at the destination location is quite far away, do not jump around to spend time on the first or second day of your arrival. Let your body and mind to adjust to a different schedule. If you fail to do this, can make your holiday stress and become a mess.
  • Keep food and drinks strictly Keep your food and drinks as safe as possible. Do not carelessly buy food at the roadside if conditions are poor. Do not wait hours to eat for fun vacation. Do not drink the tap water in the hotel, although said to be safe. Better you drink bottled water that is guaranteed cleanliness. Then eat food cooked and cooked well. Avoid drinking ice batu.Jika your vacation in an area that is very different from your neighborhood, avoid eating any food, in any place and at any time your heart’s content. Some diseases are often experienced by tourists such as diarrhea are reported to affect two-fifths of the people traveling on vacation. Or other diseases due to viruses and bacteria from foods such as fever. Eating late can also cause problems colds.
  • Keep it a habit to wash hands after each move or before eating.
  • Working together between family members If you are on vacation with the family, do not let Mom do everything as he does at home. Working together as a family to do housework everyday. Such an attitude will make the holiday to be very enjoyable for everyone.
  • Find the emergency information Do not forget to search for location information hospital, physician, or the nearest police station at your vacation spot. If there is an emergency situation, you can instantly know what actions to take. The hotel will usually give help provide that information.
  • Create wonderful memories in a holiday, a time to take pictures so you can see again when I get home. You can also buy some souvenirs and local handicrafts. Selection of photographs, postcards, and souvenirs, maybe even some local handicraft items, must be able to evoke fond memories of your vacation.