Visiting Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung

Farmhouse Lembang – Bandung, is the most recent tourist attraction in Lembang. Since opened in December 2015, Farmhouse Lembang turned into one of the favorite destinations in Northern Bandung. The nature condition that provides fresh air and beautiful scenery, added by European themed concept, is the only reason why this place called as a local destination with the European sensation.

Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung is actually located in the same group with other tourist attractions like Floating Market, De Ranch, and Rumah Sosis. Therefore, if you visit Farmhouse Lembang, you can also visit other places.

The Location of Farmhouse Lembang

The location is very strategic, located at the main road of Lembang, precisely on the right side to Lembang. If you set off from Setiabudhi (Ledeng) or Indonesia University of Education (UPI), just go forward to the main road of Lembang until you see the curve road full of bamboo stalls. It means you are already close to the destination. You will find the sign of “Farmhouse Susu Lembang” with the dried root ornaments on the roadside. You can enter the gate and enjoy all the provided facilities.

farmhouse Visiting Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung


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The Entrance Ticket for Farmhouse Lembang

The entrance ticket is really cheap, only Rp. 20000 for each person, Rp. 10000 for a car charge, and Rp. 5000 for a motorcycle charge. It is very affordable, isn’t it? You can even swap the ticket with free snacks like grilled sausage, fried snack, and fresh milk with a wide selection of flavors: strawberry, banana, mocha, and vanilla.

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The Facility at Farmhouse Lembang

The facilities provided by Farmhouse Lembang are quite complete and affordable for all visitors. Starting from the souvenir shop, park, multipurpose building, indoor or outdoor cafe, bar, prayer room, and toilet.

There are a lot of benches available in Farmhouse Lembang to sit along the park. In addition, Farmhouse is also inhabited by different plants and animals like chicken, bird, duck, rabbit, horse, and other animals you can find. After having a long walk, visiting the nearby restaurants will be a great idea. Even though the price is a bit pricey, you are still allowed to take a selfie and don’t have to eat there.

Interesting Spots at Farmhouse Lembang

Unexpectedly, this place is very favorable as selfie spot. Most of the visitors have different interesting spots at Farmhouse. Are you curious? Let’s check it out!

1. The Hobbit House

The Hobbit house at Farmhouse Lembang is designed to look like the house in the film of “The Lord of The Ring.” All visitors should bow their self to enter the house because of its tiny size. You can capture the special moment with family, friends, and beloved people at The Hobbit house.

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2. European style house

One of the favorite spots is the European style house, which is unique and classic. The house is similar to Villa Cukul in Pangalengan. With classic European style, the wooden house stands beautifully and emits the old impression. This place matches with the visitors who look for the classical background.

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3. Mini waterfall

The location of the mini waterfall is close to ticket-milk changer. On the left side, there is an artificial waterfall. The size of the waterfall is not big enough but good to take a selfie. Moreover, on the surface of the water, you will find the stepping stones, and you can stand on it to get the best spot.

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4. European flower garden

Have you seen how beautiful the flower garden in Europe when combined with the classical building? Of course, Farmhouse Lembang also spoils the visitors through beautiful flower garden as if you were in the European country. Even though it isn’t completely similar, yet it is still pretty decent.

5. Wearing European costume

Ladies can savor the feeling to be a charming European girl. Gracefully, they can rent the maid costume and put it on while pretending to be a cinderella in front of a classical background. There are some selections of background you can consider.

6-1 Visiting Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung


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If you are going to visit Farmhouse Lembang, this place is open everyday from 9 am until 9 pm. You can drive your car, ride your motorcycle, or rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. The driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting other tourist attractions in Northern Bandung.

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