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Bandung is well-known as Paris Van Java. There are a lot of famous Factory Outlets spreading across Bandung City. For those who are interested in fashion, Bandung could be one of the best destinations for you. Here goes the list of some famous Factory Outlets in Bandung you should add in your travel book list :

Rumah Mode

Rumah Mode has one stop shopping concept, where the customers can buy their item in one place. Rumah Mode offers some international brands like Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci. The concept of the building uses traditional concept with garden and water fountain. There’s also a cafe for those who want to eat, drink or just take some rest.


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Address : F-41st Setia Budi Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2035498

Grande Fashion Gallery

Grande Fashion Gallery is well-known for its quality and affordable prices. This place is quite nice and comfortable. The place also has fishpond for refreshing. Grande Fashion Gallery also has a cafe for those who plan not only for shopping but also hangout.


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Address : 118th IR.H. Juanda Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2502563


Victoria is located in the same area with Grande. Just like other famous factory outlets in Bandung, Victoria offers many kinds of products. Items for an adult and children can be found here. The Items from international brands also available here.


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Address : 111th IR.H. Juanda Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2516868


Basically, Level offers the same item like other famous factory outlets in Bandung. What makes this place different to other factory outlets is the priority to make the costumers happy and comfortable when they are shopping. The area is quite large, so the customer can park their vehicle easily. This place also has playing zone for children and food court.


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Address : 138th IR.H. Juanda Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2501616


Fashion products in Blossom are quite varied. The price of each item is also quite sensible. In Blossom, we can buy bags, clothes, glasses, wallets, shoes, sandals and others. For those who are waiting for their partner, there is a food court available to be visited.


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Address : 112th IR.H. Juanda Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2503822

For Men

Just like its name, For Men only focus on male products. This famous factory outlet offers complete products for boys and adults. We can find clothes, shoes, watches, and other accessories for men.


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Address : 36th R.E. Martadinata Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 4210054


Seximo mostly sells formal clothes for formal occasion and party. This famous factory outlet is very suitable for those who are looking for dress, jacket or tie. For the price, Seximo has quite sensible prices in line with the good quality of the products.


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Address : 106th IR.H.Djuanda Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 2533719


Stamp is a famous factory outlet in Bandung that focuses on the local products from Indonesia. One of the famous products sold in Stamp is shoes from Cibaduyut which the quality is well-known very good.


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Address : 38th R.E. Martadinata Street, Bandung City.

Phone Number : (022) 4261580

Is it very interesting, right? Besides providing a lot of tourism spots, Bandung also becomes one of the fashion centers in Indonesia that provides famous factory outlets in every corner of the street. If you have a plan to visit Bandung but don’t drive your personal vehicle, then car rental Bandung will be the right choice. You can rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung, and the driver will drive you to anywhere, including visiting some famous factory outlets in Bandung.