7 Most Popular Destinations in Southern Bandung That You Must Visit on Holiday

Traveling to Southern Bandung is not less interesting than Northern Bandung. In Southern Bandung, there are a lot of popular destinations to be visited. No wonder if either local or foreign tourists make those destinations in Southern Bandung as their favorite places on holiday. One of the famous areas in Southern Bandung is Ciwidey which have some beautiful destinations. The following lists are popular destinations in Southern Bandung, especially around Ciwidey, that you must visit on holiday:

1. White Crater

44 km from Downtown Bandung, you can arrive at White Crater Ciwidey, specifically in Rancabali. White Crater has a beautiful view, and greenish white lake combined with limestone which is a soothing treat. According to the story, White Crater is a place where the ancestral spirits gather. One of the peaks is even believed as the place of the spirits holding the meeting. If you are curious, go grab yourself here immediately! You just need to pay 15k IDR to enter White Crater.

2. Patenggang Lake

Patenggang Lake offers the beautiful lake around Rancabali plantation. From downtown Bandung, the trip takes 47 km long to Patenggang Lake. At Patenggang Lake, you can experience the cool atmosphere while boating the lake, but of course, you should rent the boat to do so. Your holiday will be more fun if you come along with family because Patenggang Lake is the best family attractions in Southern Bandung.

3. Rancabali Tea Plantation

At Rancabali Plantation, you’ll find the overlay of tea plantation as far as your eyes can see it. The best thing to do is taking a picture in the middle of it. If you have a desire to visit tea factory, they also have a package of the factory tour. It cost 5k IDR for each person, then you will learn about tea cultivation, preservation, harvest, and processing.

4. Strawberry Garden

Do you want to pick strawberry freshly? Do you want to know what shape of the strawberry tree? You can get that opportunity in Ciwidey. There is strawberry garden you can pick it directly by yourself, accompanied by fresh air and spectacular view. Such an unforgettable experience! Furthermore, things you shouldn’t miss is pick it and eat it at the same time.

5. Cimanggu Park

Cimanggu Park or Green Hil Park has a protected forest, specifically is tropical forest, that overgrown by many kinds of trees and wild animals. The visitors can not only walk around the forest but also enjoy the different activities. For those who want to stay overnight, they can camp or sleep in the villa. The ticket entrance of Cimanggu Park is fairly cheap, only 20k IDR for each person.

6. Walini Hot Spring

Walini Hot Spring is one of the hot springs in Ciwidey. This hot spring contains hot water sourced from nature. There is also a warm pool you can swim. The area is surrounded by tea plantation, giving the coolness and freshness. If you want to visit Walini Hot Spring, you just need heading to Walini Tea Plantation, and then you will find it. The location is not too far from Patenggang Lake.

7. Ranca Upas Campground

This is a campground around Eucalyptus plant area, sort of a plant from the continent of Australia. This destination is situated at a height of 1700 meter above the sea level, so the air is very fresh and cool. There are also some food stalls in a row. In addition, if you want to camp, you can rent the tent and other equipment. Ranca Upas Campground also has the deer reservation where you can see wild deer while camping there.

Southern Bandung is actually far enough from the downtown Bandung. If you have a trip to Southern Bandung, but don’t drive your car, then you can rent a car from Dirgantara Car Rental Bandung. The driver will take you to anywhere in Southern Bandung.

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