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Located at Jalan Maribaya No.17, Kayuambon Village, Lembang Subdistrict, West Bandung Regency, you can visit an interesting attraction called De Ranch Bandung. De Ranch is actually a horse stable area which is then set in such a way that becomes a family tourist attractions are very exciting and memorable.

Main Attraction of De Ranch Bandung

The most special thing at the same time is the main dish at De Ranch Bandung this is the chance of visitors to be a cowboy. When entering here visitors will be given the attribute like a coboy in America for free. Some cowboy attributes such as cowboy shirt, cowboy hat, cowboy shoes and so forth. What is certain your appearance while on vacation to De Ranch would be similar to a cowboy. In addition to the appearance of a cowboy, De Ranch Bandung also presents a similar atmosphere of cowboy area in the films we have ever seen.

Activities in De Ranch Bandung

Not just only you can wear Kowboy clothes, but at De Ranch Bandung you can also do some interesting activities. Impressive activities or activities that visitors can take here are riding delmans, horseback riding, fishing ponds, water balloons, skates, and other fun games. When you tour the De Ranch area by horseback you can also visit some places like pastures, cattle ranches, horse farms, plantations and other areas. At the farm itself visitors can do milking activities, feeding horses or cattle and learning to raise livestock. In addition there are also activities to make a special cake De Ranch Bandung is very interesting to follow. With such diverse activities De Ranch Bandung will certainly be a place that will provide insight and knowledge and educational and useful training.

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Facilities in De Ranch Bandung

Being on this De Ranch Bandung tour we can find a variety of qualified facilities such as large parking areas, small mosques, clean toilets, tracks or difabel paths, game rides, restaurant or culinary venues, souvenir shops and souvernirs as well as plant markets ornamental. In your own souvenir and gift shop you can buy a variety of souvenirs to take home such as cowboy costumes as well as various snacks from yogurt and milk. While in the ornamental plant market, you can also shop a variety of ornamental plants to decorate the garden home.

Entrance Rates

For the entrance fee to De Ranch Bandung is fairly affordable that is Rp 5.000 / orang. With this rate we will also be able to get free fresh milk. But to do some activities and play some rides, you need to pay additional rates ie:

  • Horse Riding with tariff Rp 25.000 / person for one round
  • Pony with a rate of Rp 25,000 / person for two rounds
  • Triker with tariff Rp. 25,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Flying Fox at Rp. 20,000 / person for 1 time slid
  • Delman with tariff Rp. 30,000 / three people for 1 round
  • Trampoline with tariff Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Archery at Rp. 20,000 / person for 10 arrows
  • The Gold Hunter at Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Water Balloon at Rp. 20,000 / person for 5 minutes
  • Fun Boat with tariff Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Bicycle Track with rate Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Kidtrik with tariff Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes
  • Pony Kidz with a tariff of Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes
  • Riding Out at Rp. 200,000 / two for 60 minutes
  • Fishing pond with a tariff of Rp. 20,000 / person for 30 minutes
  • Kuda Ayun with Rp. 20,000 / person for 3 minutes
  • Indian Totem Web Pool at Rp. 20,000 / person for 15 minutes
  • Kid Jumping for Rp. 20,000 / child for 15 minutes

From some attractions presented by De Ranch Bandung it will interesting to explore and experience. De Ranch which is located in District Lembang, Bandung. If you already have a plan or also just interested to come to De Ranch Bandung then can make Car Rental Bandung as your transportation of choice. With all the experience, Dirgantara Car Rental will make your holiday to De Ranch Bandung will be more exciting and memorable.

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