Skywalk! Shopping and Culinary in Cihampelas Terrace, Bandung

Do you who want to enjoy Bandung with a new atmosphere? Then you must come to Teras Cihampelas Bandung located at Jalan Cihampelas No.123-131, Cipaganti, Coblong, Bandung. 

Cihampelas Terrace is quite a new tourist destination in the city of Bandung flower. Inaugurated at the beginning of January 2017, Cihampelas Terrace become a tourist attraction that will give the long lasting impression on every visitor.

Using the concept of Instagramable, making Cihampelas Terrace or also called Skywalk Cihampelas Bandung more interesting to be captured with  camera.

While here we will indeed find the colors of some icons and buildings that are up to be qualified as a photo background. No doubt when then Terrace Cihampelas often decorate your smartphone screen when opening social media.

With  funds reaching Rp 48 Billion, Cihampelas Terrace development was initiated by Bandung City Government within 3 months.

The construction of Cihampelas Terrace is a breakthrough by Ridwan Kamil as the mayor of Bandung with the aim to overcome the problem of jams that often occur in Cihampelas Bandung street.

Before it was built, Cihampelas Highway area is a congestion area because of the many street vendors selling by the roadside.

But since there is Cihampelas Terrace then the street vendors are relocated up on the pedestrian path.

From here the existence of Cihampelas Terrace will be equally beneficial for traders and also pedestrians. This is because the pedestrians who pass the path Cihampelas Terrace have a chance to buy goods sold by traders. Especially with the concept of Causeway Cihampelas the Instagramable make this location more popular by the tourists.

Cihampelas Terrace itself has a height of 4.6 meters from the Cihampelas Highway and 450 meters long and 9 meters wide.

With the presence of Cihampelas Terrace itself Indonesia also has a skywalk official. Skywalk Cihampelas Bandung is the only skywalk in Indonesia and even the second skywalk in the world after the city of New York.

teras-cihampelas-1-1024x768 Skywalk! Shopping and Culinary in Cihampelas Terrace, Bandung

Terrace Cihampelas built from the Adventist Hospital to Promenade Hotel now has become a new tourist destination in Bandung is popular especially by young children. Here we can enjoy a variety of exciting activities such as shopping knick-knacks, berkuliner or just enjoy the view of the city of Bandung to take pictures. At least there are 192 street hawkers who will pamper you with various merchandise and also culinary typical of Bandung. Do not forget also the affordable prices that you can get in this Cihampelas Terrace.

While walking on the Terrace Cihampelas we will not be made hot. This is because along the road there are shady and green trees that make us feel the cool and comfortable air. Not only that in this Terrace Cihampelas our tourism activities will also be optimal with the support of several public facilities complete such as musholla, toilets, post security guards and elevators for people with disabilities.

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