Bandung Guide

Top 3 Best Waterfalls in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java province with a land area of 16,767 hectares. Bandung city is surrounded

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Culinary Tours in Bandung – 7 Best Places You Should Visit

Culinary tours in Bandung - 7 best places you should visit. Bandung is the capital of West Java province.

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6 Unique Museums In Bandung You Probably Don’t Know

Bandung, the Paris Van Java never tired of attracting the admiration from tourists, both domestic and foreign travelers. Bandung continues

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Bandung Travelling Tips

Looking for great travel tips in Bandung that are easy to read? We select handfull of useful information for

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Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe

In Malaysia or Singapore today, the name “Bandung” elicits memories of weekend-long shopping sprees. The city is home to

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“Kawah Putih” The gorgeous attraction in Bandung

When visiting the city of flowers, lest you be lulled by culinary and fashion or clothing alone. Although lined

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Four Bandung’s Must-See Sights

Bandung Tourism Now the holiday season has arrived, and the time to make the mind becomes fresh again with

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Top Tips for Vacation in Bandung

Here are tips travel vacation Bandung and tricks you need to do so that your trip safe and enjoyable.

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Bandung Quick History!

Since 9,500 years before present, around the prehistoric era, the oldest written historical reference to the Priangan region in the 14th century. It was found in what used to be one of the settlement within the Kingdom of Pajajaran. Few earlier prehistoric archaeological findings of early human settlements was found in Pawon cave in Padalarang karst area, West of Bandung.

Then, there are also few around the old lake of Bandung.  In Rancaekek area, Bandung district, east of Bandung city, the ruin of Bojongmenje temple was discovered and estimated to be dated from early 7th century CE, around the same with Dieng temples of Central Java period. Though, there are assumption that say it can be even earlier than that.

Want a vacation to Bandung? Don't Forget the Following Bandung Travel Guide

Vacation is an activity that everyone has been waiting for to get rid of boredom and fatigue after all this time wrestling with activities. According to studies and research, in one year a person is recommended to take a vacation or travel to a place once a year so that the brain and body can be fresh again. Now one of the places that the destination of people for a vacation is Bandung.

One area in West Java that have a lot of interesting tourism potential. The variety of reliefs or morphology of Bandung makes the developing city have a diverse tourist offerings. From the mountains, waterfalls to city park tours we can find in the capital city of West Java.

But to be able to enjoy a more optimal tour, you need a Bandung travel guide. With this Bandung travel guide you will get a lot of valuable information to run a vacation in Bandung with more leverage. Here are some Bandung travel guides that you can make a guide while on vacation there.

The geographical condition of Bandung which is surrounded by mountains at an average height of 791 meters above sea level (masl) makes the air temperature in the City of Paris Van Java is fairly cool. The lowest or the coldest air temperature alone can be found in the northern part of Bandung which has an altitude of up to 1,050 meters above sea level. Meanwhile the lowest point with a higher temperature or heat is in the south with an altitude of 675 meters above sea level. From here then you who are going on vacation to the city of Bandung must prepare warm clothes to anticipate the cold temperatures, especially at times at night and morning.

For those of you who want to vacation in Bandung, of course, need a vehicle to get there. Interestingly, to go to Bandung there are many routes to choose from. You can choose from land routes by taking the bus to the air route by plane. Some ways to get to Bandung namely

  • Landline: Take the bus to Leuwi Panjang Terminal, – Ledeng Terminal or Cicaheum Terminal Bandung.
  • Railway: Take the train to get off at Bandung Station or Kiara Condong Station.
  • Air Line: Take an Airplane bound for Husein Sastranegara Airport Transportation

To explore and explore Bandung, there are many transportation options that you can use. Some transportation that you can choose to go around Bandung include City Bus, City Transport, Trans Metro Bandung, Bandros, Taxi, Delman, Pedicab and Online Transportation.

To enjoy a maximum holiday in Bandung, you need to know some of the most popular attractions there. Some popular tourist attractions in Bandung and will make a memorable vacation if you want to visit, among others, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Farm House, The Maribaya Lodge, White Crater, Gedung Sate and Situ Patenggang.

Vacationing in Bandung is certainly not complete if you don’t visit some of your favorite culinary spots there. Now if you want to culinary in Bandung, there are some interesting culinary centers that you can visit such as Paskal Food Market, Atmosphere Resort Cafe, Raja Rasa, Kalon Rice Restaurant, Mang Dadeng Shake Noodle and Cisangkuy Yogurt.

Gifts will indeed be important for someone on vacation to take home. So as not to mistakenly choose the right souvenirs in Bandung then you can make this guide as the solution. Now the souvenir hunting places in Bandung that are right for you to visit include Amanda Brownies, Kingsley Batagor, Prima Rasa Picnic Roll, Pia 170 Cafeteria, Nyg Onep Gepuk Shop and Kartika Sari.

For those of you who don’t want to miss out on shopping opportunities while on vacation to Bandung, there are a number of shopping spots that can’t be missed. Some shopping places in Bandung that you can go to include the Jalan Dago Area, Jalan Braga Area, Cihampelas Terrace, Cibaduyut Market and the Bandung Trade Center.