Dago Dream Park, Latest Attraction in Bandung with a Nuance of Adventure

If you crave exciting and a whole complete tourist destinations in one place in Bandung then Dago Dream Park will be the right place. A new tour in the city of flowers is indeed interesting and  become an alternative tourist attractions if you got bored with other attractions. With an area of ​​12 hectares of course this destination is presenting a variety of exciting activities that can be done the visitors. This is because in this place there are various rides games and also other interesting activity.

Some games that we can enjoy in Dago Dream Park is horse riding, bike sky, sky gliding, pirate ship, ATV, buggy-keretaan, boat row, archery, garden maze and anti-gravity. At least now there are about 20 rides games that tourists can enjoy at here. In addition, some places like a mini zoo, fishing pond, tree house, kampoeng Dayang Sumbi, aquarium and amphi theater could also be a better activity for travelers while on vacation to Dago Dream Park.

The latest game park at this palce is also often a tourist destination. The newest rides at Dago Dream Park are similar flying houses in the movie “Up”. The second-terabru rides are also often targeted by tourists ie flying tapestry. Not only enjoy the sensation of home and flying rugs ride, but in both the rides you can take pictures that will produce a cool picture and Instagramable.

Dago Dream Park tourist area which has an area of ​​12 hectares make you will be satisfied explore the area. Even see the location of this destination located in a hill so it may be make you feel tired and tired of having to go up and down. But you do not have to worry if you want to explore this place as a whole. This is because it has provided bus bandros that you can ride for free.

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Dago Dream Park’s own extensive area is divided into several areas such as outdoor rides, children play areas, riding areas and fishing grounds. Interestingly when vacationing to this destination will feel optimal because here there are various facilities that spoil. Some facilities other than bus bandros in this destination are large parking area, rest area, playground, musholla, toilets, where to eat, cafe and factory outlet. Places to eat or a restaurant that is presented by Dago Dream Park itself is a food truck concept with a variety of traditional menu serving.

Being in this area we will also feel comfortable because of the pine forests that cover almost the entire area. From the existing pine trees then the air in this place will feel more cool. To enter this destination tour you need to set aside Rp 20.000. This tariff itself does not include the tariff to enjoy the game rides that have different prices.

For those who are interested to visit this place then you have to Jalan Dago Giri KM 2.2 Mekarwangi village, subdistrict of Lembang, West Bandung regency, West Java. Well to get to the location of this place you can use public transportation or private vehicles. But in order to get comfort and flexibility then the choice of personal use is an option that must be selected. This is because when using a public vehicle usually makes you have to want to wait for the arrival of cars and customs ngetem. In addition, the state of public vehicles that are not good and crowded also makes the comfort level decreases.

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From here then the choice of using a private vehicle will be the right thing for you who want comfort while on vacation to Dago Dream Park. But what if it is not possible to bring a vehicle because of a long trip? Do not worry there is a solution that you can apply the rental car Bandung. With Bandung car rental will indeed make you able to vacation freely and comfortably because like bringing your own personal car. Well if you are interested to vacation by using a rental car Bandung then you can make Dirgantara Car Rental as a reference. With all the experience and professionalism then Dirgantara Car Rental will be able to make your vacation become more exciting and fun.

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